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We have used our experience to highlight the major areas relating to the problem of theft and security practices and so we hope you will find that the following information will assist you to control and manage your risk.

General Security Hints

Some useful hints to help you convey good working practices to your staff. The information here will help you and your staff to be alart anf to look after each other.

Jewellery Travellers

The information here will give you some security guidelines to follow when travelling with expensive jewellery, precious stones and metals.

Carriers or Sendings

There is a myriad of carriers and couriers who promise to deliver.  Few are acceptable to your insurers. Here is some information to assist.


Fires are a less frequent occurrence in the jewellery and Allied Trades, however they can be devastating and cause considerable disruption to the business and future plans.


Strorms or burst pipes can cause considerable loss and interruption to your business. Many occurrences can be avoided by routine maintenance and housekeeping.

Duties & Responsibilities

What your insurers expect of you the policyholder

Health & Safety

This is not an exhaustive list and we shall welcome any additional information from visitors to our site and be happy to discuss any ideas or suggestions that they may consider being useful or informative for the jewellery trade.


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