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Individual or group personal accident and sickness insurance is designed to provide protection to individuals or employees of UK businesses, following an accident or illness that prevents the person working.

Protection Can be arranged to provide cover on a 24 hour basis or for work related events only. The main covers can be on a set sum insured or on a multiple of the individual salary.

Examples of applications for an annual Personal Accident and Sickness Policy could be:

  • Self employed jewellery manufacturer
  • Sales agent
  • Empoyment benefits
  • Insuring a Key Person

Key Considerations

  • Basis of cover or amount of benefit you choose
  • Deferred period or the waiting period before the benefit is payable
  • Previous history particularly if sickness is insured
  • Job description (e.g., Working with machinery) or hazardous sports.

If you require a quotation please contact us.

Depending upon your demands and needs consideration should also be given to other policy types (e.g. Permanent Health, Long Term Disability or Critical illness) and the benefits they offer. Due to the "long term" nature of these products, GJIS consider they are best dealt with by specialist and Independent Financial Advisors. We shall be happy to introduce you to our own financial advisor who we use for our own affairs.


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