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What is covered?

This is a summary of the usual cover that is available. An example a complete and standard policy wording is available on application to GJIS.

The major areas of cover provided by Specialist Engineering Policies are as follows:

General Plant and Equipment

General Plant and Equipment such as pressure vessels (air receivers and boilers and the like), or lifting equipment (passenger and goods lifts, forklift trucks etc.) powers presses and certain types of dust extractors.

  • Statutory Inspection of the following types of plant and equipment. Insurers offer the inspection service in conjunction with insurance.
  • Accidental Damage Cover

Standard business policies may include accidental damage to plant and equipment but there are occasions when the cover is inadequate. For example a "block" or "traders" type of policy will exclude loss or damage caused during processing or arising as a result of electrical or mechanical breakdown or derangement. Such cover may well be arranged under an Engineering Policy.

  • Breakdown

Engineering insurers will often extend their policies to include an indemnity for breakdown cover. Typically items such as lifts that are expensive to repair or fork lift trucks fall into this category.


  • Accidental Loss or Damage
    Often covered under the "block" or "traders" policy and is not general a major concern except perhaps in order to provide worldwide cover for portable equipment such as laptops.

  • Reinstatement of information
    It is possible to lose, or for information to be corrupted, following damage or malicious erasure. Prudent "back up" procedure may reduce potential costs in this area, - however a minor and undetected corruption which may not show itself immediately could mean that the back up data is also corrupted.
  • Breakdown
    Damage from internal causes such as the breaking, distortion or electrical burn out of any part while in use.

Business Interruption Resulting from accidental damage, breakdown, failure or electricity, failure of tele communication systems, failure of distribution equipment, wiring, accidental or malicious erasure of data or denial of access. Cover can be provided under the following principal sections:

  • Increased cost of working which is relatively inexpensive.
  • Loss of gross profit or revenue - somewhat more expensive.
  • Cost of replacing software licenses.

There are other benefits too numerous to mention.


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