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Legal advice and tax helplines

The legal advice helpline gives you immediate advice on all legal problems affecting your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also obtain tax-related advice from the tax helpline or use the counselling assistance helpline which is available to your employees and their families.

Business legal services website

Legal expenses policyholders benefit from free access to the Business legal services website, which allows you to create many online documents and guides which can help your business. Business legal services offers a wide range of documents from employment contracts and settlement agreements to leases and Health & Safety statements.

Employment disputes & compensation

Employment law changes constantly and keeping on top of it can be a full-time job. You can keep up-to-date and download free employment-related documents from the Business legal services website. If you have a dispute with an employee it can be stressful, time-consuming and very costly to both your finances and reputation. Insurers will pay the legal costs of defending your business if an employee brings a claim against you provided that there is a reasonable prospect of your defence being successful. They will also pay compensation awarded against you.

Employment restrictive covenants

You may have restrictive covenants in your employment contracts to protect your business interests should an employee or ex-employee attempt to trade in competition with (or work for a competitor of) your business.

Alternatively, you may need to defend a claim where your employee is alleged to have breached their ex-employer’s restrictive covenant. Essential Business Legal will pay the costs to resolve legal disputes that arise from restrictive covenants.

An employment contract that includes a restrictive covenant is available to download for free on the Business legal services website, which also provides guidance notes

Tax disputes

No business welcomes an unexpected visit from the taxman and any investigation by HMRC can be lengthy and expensive. Your Insurers have dedicated tax advisors who will represent your business if you are investigated or where a dispute arises following a compliance check by HMRC.


Your premises are vital to the smooth running of your business. Nuisance, trespass or damage to your property by another party could put a substantial strain on your ability to operate effectively. The insurer will pay legal costs to protect your rights and claim compensation if necessary.

Legal defence

All businesses operate within a complicated framework of legislation. The Business legal services website can help you to remain compliant but if things go wrong Insurers will pay the legal costs to defend your business throughout a criminal investigation or prosecution, including motoring offences.

Compliance & regulation

Businesses are confronted by ever-increasing burdens from regulatory and professional bodies.

Insurers help you to appeal against the terms of a statutory notice issued against the business, if your business is investigated by a regulatory body or if employees have to attend a professional or regulatory disciplinary hearing. Where they have defended Health and Safety Executive enforcement action against you that results in Fees For Intervention being charged, you are covered for these fees. Provided that data protection redress is in place they will defend your business against civil action brought under the Data Protection Act by data subjects seeking compensation. Your employees are also protected if they face civil action arising from an alleged act of unlawful discrimination or in their capacity as a pension fund trustee.

Statutory licence appeals

Insurers will represent you to appeal against the formal written proposal of a licensing or other authority, to change the terms of, suspend, or revoke your business licence or compulsory registration.

Loss of earnings

The insurer will pay salary or wages for time that is lost due to an employee’s absence from work to attend court or tribunal at the request of the lawyer acting for you under the policy or to perform jury service.  

Personal injury

Insurers will represent an employee to pursue a claim for compensation if they are injured at work where fault lies with a third party.  

Executive suite

A suite of covers to protect the principal, executive officers, directors and partners of your business.

·         An HMRC enquiry into the executive’s personal tax affairs.

·         Motoring prosecution defence for personal, social or domestic use.

·         Personal identity theft assistance and resolution service.

·        Mediation costs (subject to inner limits) to resolve a dispute between business partners that arises from the terms of their partnership agreement.

·         Crisis communication (as described below) is available for matters occurring in an executive’s private and personal capacity that cause adverse publicity or reputational damage.

Crisis communication

In an increasingly media-orientated world, adverse publicity can have a devastating  financial impact on your business. Insurers will pay professional fees (subject to inner limits) to provide expert advice to help you manage communication effectively in times of crisis. This can include drafting a media statement as well as preparing suitable communications for your staff, customers or suppliers.

Contract & debt recovery

Any kind of dispute or problem with a supplier or customer can have a significant impact on your business. If this happens we will help you to resolve the situation as quickly as possible and the insurer pay any legal costs involved. Problems with cashflow are very common and making sure your customers pay promptly is essential. If you have a late payment issue, we will negotiate to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Cover can also be arranged for other forms of special risks such as Directors and Officers liability Patents and Copyright.


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